One of Con's Passions is Boating & Sailing. He has sailed all over the world to some of the most remote yet intriguing places imaginable. Below are a few photographes of some of those voyages.

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Penguins in the Falkland Islands

"Gypsy" on Lake Champlain
Gypsy was homemade by East Hill Farm partner, Bill Moulton, under a plastic tent with a woodstove so that work could occur during the winter.
Design based from Wooden Boat magazine lobster yacht design.

Alaskan Bald Eagle

Rouse's Point. destination to Quebec City

Rough water on Burmuda crossing

Icebergs at the Arctic Circle on west coast of Greenland

"BlueBird" on the Bermuda reef

"BlueBird" on Lake Champlain

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