At the Crossroads

The Future of Health Care in Vermont
Winter 2005

by Con Hogan
Deborah Richter, MD
Terry Doran

At the Crossroads: The Future of Health Care in Vermont is the first comprehensive book about health care that focuses on Vermont. It uses data and extensive citation to build a case for badly needed change. It was responsible for extensive legislative debate and action in the ensuing year after its publication.

The book is currently being updated to ensure that the data is current in the rapidly changing cost side of health care.

Here's what people are saying about At the Crossroads:

Howard Dean, MD,
Governor of Vermont 1991-2003,
U.S. Presidential Candidate, 2004
"The best thing about this book is that it shows the way to make the compromises necessary for reform and the rationale for them."

Carolyn C. Roberts,
C.E.O Emerita, Copley Health Systems, Morrisville, Vermont,
Past Chair, American Hospital Association, Board of Directors
Chair, College of Nursing & Health Sciences Advisory Board, University of Vermont
"This book is a 'must read' for all persons in Vermont involved in shaping and implementing a future health care system."

Edward J. Connors,
President Emeritus, Mercy Health Services, Detroit, Michigan
Past Chair, American Hopital Association, Board of Directors
Past Chair, Fletcher Allen Board of Trustees, Burlington, Vermont
"The autors make a powerful and persuasive case that significant change is needed now in the delivery and financing of health care in Vermont."

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