OUTCOMES: Reframing Responsibility for Well Being


Reframing Responsibility for Well Being
Sept. 2002

The Annie E. Casey Foundation. September 2002. By Con Hogan & David Murphey.

This book results from ten years of thinking, writing, and practicing an "outcomes" approach in the human services field. The term "outcomes" reflects a set of positive expectations, progress toward which is measured through "indicators" of well-being. As practitioners of the "outcomes-and-indicators" approach, we know its effectiveness.

The lightbulb came on in our collective minds in 1992. Con, then Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS), met Frank Farrow, Director of the Center for the Study of Social Policy in Washington, D.C. Con's 10 years working in the private sector had introduced him to the power of common purpose and the value of measuring results. Along with then Vermont Commissioner of Education, Richard Mills, an education in outcomes thinking began among very interested pupils.

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