Reaction to the "Campus Plan" 2-17-2018

Reaction to the "Campus Plan"

Recently, AHS submitted a long-term building and facilities plan draft to the Vermont Legislature as a starting point for discussion regarding a longer term approach to facilities. Following are my reactions to the Plan.

The Campus Plan Is Not Consistent with Vermont Values

Vermont is, by and large, a very community oriented state. Having the second lowest population in the nation, we're small enough to talk to each other. Human relationships embedded in the way we work together are a strong feature of the Vermont way. One concern about how the Plan was constructed is that of the 16 person planning team there were no representatives of communities. The Team needed to reflect the Vermont community ethic.

Deep experience in correctional large facilities is a very necessary component to construct a plan that weighs the balances between facilities and programs and cultures of large and small facilities. This effort focused only on facilities. There was no discussion regarding programs that could reduce populations, or the negative cultures of large correctional facilities that develop over time.

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Hogan's Return: Longtime Public Servant Blasts Mega-Prison Plan - February 2018

It was as if the concept of "gravitas" had walked in and taken a seat.
Last Thursday, Con Hogan made a now-rare return to familiar stomping grounds. He came to the Statehouse to testify before the House Corrections and Institutions Committee about a proposed mega-prison floated by state officials.
Hogan is a former state corrections commissioner and human services secretary whose service in state government dates back to the early 1970s. He's a onetime independent candidate for governor and former member of the Green Mountain Care Board. His broad expertise has made him a go-to person for state commissions and task forces of all kinds. The Vermont Community Foundation gives out an annual Con Hogan Award for community leadership, for Pete's sake.
But in recent years, health problems, including a life-saving kidney transplant in 2016, forced him to retreat from public life.
Hogan walked with a cane last week. He didn't have much energy to spare. But he had a firm purpose: to drive a few nails into the prison plan's coffin.
Members of the committee listened quietly as he meticulously made his way through six and a half pages of written testimony. They seemed uncharacteristically awestruck. Chair Alice Emmons (D-Springfield) noted - when her call for questions from committee members initially went unanswered - that her panel is rarely at a loss for words.
Afterward, Hogan's wife, Jeannette, retrieved his cane, and they headed for the hallway. Several legislators made a point of greeting Hogan, thanking him for his testimony and inquiring about his health.
It was high drama in a low-key, legislative sort of way. And there was no doubt that his words had an impact.

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Con Hogan: Early childhood investment is prudent - April 2017

It is beginning to look like a substantial investment, proposed by Gov. Phil Scott, in early childhood education and child care will be hitting the cutting room floor in the Vermont Legislature.
This is in spite of the amazing gains that children make with early childhood opportunities and how that benefits all of us, as evidenced by a wealth of national and now Vermont-specific data. From the economic development point of view, the new study Vermont's Early Care & Learning Dividend tells us that every dollar invested in expanding our early care and learning system would bring a minimal return of over $3 - generalized to the entire population of Vermont children in need of child care. Over the working lifetime of the children served (60 years), the report calculates net benefits of $1.3 billion for Vermont's citizens and government. This returns on average over $21 million a year.

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Con Hogan - Seasoned Elder of Green Mountain Care Board - SUMMER 2013

Cornelius Hogan is a modern renaissance man. His experiences range from being a corrections officer to a musician, from published writer to corporate head, from horse farmer to government official. Widely known in Vermont by his nickname Con, Hogan is now the wise and seasoned elder of the Green Mountain Care Board, helping to turn Vermont's burgeoning health care reform into public reality.

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Con Hogan: An ideas man with a broad portfolio - Posted By Alan Panebaker On November 9, 2011

Con Hogan is an ideas man.
He sees the big picture and knows how things fit together.
Perhaps that's why so many nonprofit organizations and foundations have sought his insight over the years. And it's likely why several Vermont governors appointed him to high-profile positions like the chair of the Commission on the Accessibility and Affordability of Health Care and Gov.-Elect Richard Snelling's Transition Team. It might just be why Gov. Peter Shumlin appointed him to the Green Mountain Care Board.

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On video: Analyst, former AHS secretaries say state's reneging on obligation to needy Vermonters - April 8, 2010

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