Health Care Briefing in Washington, DC with Michael Lighty, John Conyers, Con Hogan and Deborah Richter MD. - June 16, 2009

Cornelius Hogan - Testimony Outline for Joint Health Committee - January 22

We're just three people, who are not compensated by the health care system (Dr. Richter is a physician and is paid for her services as a physician) who decided some years ago to learn as much as we could about health care. And if we can learn what we've learned, with no staff or other support, the Legislature certainly has the capability of learning 20 times more than we have.

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Cornelius Hogan - Remarks Presented to the Progressive Party Annual Convention, Barre, November 14, 2009

Strategies to get single payer health care implemented in Vermont

Thank you for the opportunity

I work and have worked in places that have universal coverage and versions of single payer: Netherlands, Norway, Israel, N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Chile, and Australia. Based on what I've seen it would seem to be a no brainer. But it is not.

And it could work here...

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Cornelius Hogan - Senate Health and Welfare, Chair, Senator Doug Racine - 2,23,2007

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to comment on a possible emerging health care bill. My comments are aimed at reinforcing the direction you are taking. The three documents that I'm relying on are the 'Feb 16, '2010 Draft Outline of 2010 Health Reform Bill', its predecessor document, 'Immediate-Term Cost Containment Options', Jan.28, 2010, and S.88 as submitted in the last session.

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Cornelius Hogan - Testimony to the House Health Committee Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank you for the opportunity to appear. Many in Vermont are watching at this point. And the stakes associated with making the best possible set of decisions regarding change to our health care system are great. This is because, the wrong, or inadequate decisions, have the potential of making things even worse and the window to change again may not be open for some years.

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Testimony to the Health Care Reform Commission - Cornelius Hogan - November 20, 2007

Getting Beyond Incremental Steps
Your 'Recommendations for 2008 Legislative Session Draft' continues the multi-year incremental march to nowhere.
I want to be the record regarding what can be expected from Catamount.

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