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Unpublished: "Against All Odds" 2016

Unpublished: "Kidney Times" 2016

"Finally Met Along the Way: More Short Stories About People in Vermont." 2010.

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Text - "Gridlock: The Politics of Health Care in Vermont" 2008, with Dr. Deb Richter and Terry Doran. June 2009.

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"Also Met Along the Way: More Short Stories About People in Vermont." 2008.

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Chapter "Conclusion: Implications of Prescriptive Approaches for Policy, Health Promotion, Epidemiology, and Public Health", in "Low-Cost Approaches to Promote Physical and Mental Health: Theory, Research, and Practice". Springer, 2007.

Chapter "How Can We Better Use Whole Population and Outcome Indicators: A Policy Maker's Perspective" in "Indicators of Children's Well-Being, Springer, 2006.

Text - "At the Crossroads: The Future of Health Care in Vermont". February 2005, with Dr. Deb Richter and Terry Doran.

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"Met Along the Way: Short Stories About People in Vermont", 2005.

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Text - "Outcomes: Reframing Responsibility for Well Being". The Annie E. Casey Foundation. September 2002. With David Murphey.

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Text - "The Power of Outcomes:"Strategic Thinking to Improve Results for Our Children, Families, and Communities. June, 2001. by Cornelius Hogan.

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"Toward An Economics of Prevention". The National Finance Project. November 2000. With David Murphey.

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"Improving the Well-Being of the People of Barre Vermont. Four Years of Work and Progress". Danforth Foundation, December 2000.

"Overthrowing the System: A Look at Welfare Reform". Vermont Magazine. October 2000.

"Beyond Welfare to Work: Strategies to Help Low-Income Working Families". News and Views. National Center for Children in Poverty, Spring 2000.

"Making Change Last - Using Outcome Strategies to Sustain Change". First Annual Symposium, Boston Children's Institute, John F. Kennedy Library. May 2000.

"Mobilizing Communities: Data Strategies that Contribute to Better Outcomes for People". 21st Annual APPAM Conference. November 1999.

"Vermont Communities Count" - Using Results to Strengthen Services for Families and Children" Monograph. Annie E Casey Foundation, October 1999.

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"Preparing Our Public School Students", The Board Room, September 1998

"Accountability In An Era of Federal Devolution and Emerging Community Partnerships", May 1998

"Managing by Outcomes Changes Everything", Interview with Georgia Academy Journal, Fall 1997

"Shaping the Change" - Child and Family Connections: A Newsletter for Communities Supporting Vermont's Children and Families, Winter/Spring 1996

"Hogan Expert Change Maker", Vermont Business Digest, January 1996

"The Vermonters' Guide to Health Care Reform", Vermont Health Care Authority, 1994

"Health Care '95, Working Together", Vermont Health Care Authority, December 1994

"School Partnerships - Defining the Learning Community", Leading & Learning, Vermont Journal of Education Change, September/October 1993

"Agency of Human Services Statewide Directions for Human Services", Children Protection Connection: A Newsletter for Communities Supporting Vermont's Children and Families, March 1993

"1977 Assessment - Vermont Adult Corrections", Vermont Department of Corrections, December 1977.

"Managing Change in Corrections", Federal Probation, with William R. Steinhurst. June 1976.

Editor: "Training Line Staff Who Deal With Juveniles in Preventive, Rehabilitative, and Control Settings": The Proceedings of a Workshop sponsored by Training Grant #69612 of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Development. July 1970.

"The Organization and Evaluation of In-Service Training Models for Probation, Parole and Correction Officers", Report of LEAA Training, #196, New Jersey Department of Institutions and Agencies. August 1969.

"An Evaluation of Inmate Acceptance of the Group Counseling Aspect of the Stokes Program - When Considering the First Six Months of Operation", Correction News Digest, Volume III, Number II. May 1966.

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